Two dining rooms, two ambiances, two types of cuisine

Our restaurant is made up of a chic bistro and a dining room which is a bit more formal. 

In one, the chef lets you discover traditional Swiss dishes, which taste so good but which are often neglected.

In the other, you can also order our “menu gastronomique”. You only have to contact us in advance and we will suggest some ideas. If you have a preference for the unexpected, opt for the “menu surprise“ ! You won’t be disappointed ! We can also put together a “menu gastronomique” to suit your own tastes and wishes. Don’t forget to let us know about any potential allergies or food intolerance. 

Our service is as good at midday as it is in the evening.

Come soon and make your taste buds dance with a Beef Wellington (fillet of beef in pastry with a truffle and foie gras stuffing) or another of our specialities! 

Our entire team is keen to meet you.

Getting off to a good start…

Au Bœuf Rouge entrées

« Farm in a frenzy »

Dish of cold meats and Swiss cheeses

A selection of dried meats, lard de Begnins (cured roast pork) and other Romandie produce

18 CHF

« King of the cage »

Home-made rabbit terrine and grilled vegetables

Bitter orange chutney

18 CHF

« Grazers' delight » 

Green salad with mixed seeds
10 CHF

« Farmyard feast »

Foie gras crème brûlée, salad of shoots with white truffle-flavoured oil

19 CHF

« Too slow! »

Snails au gratin in red wine

16 CHF

« Autumn stroll »

Cream of parsnip scented with Bourbon vanilla

12 CHF

Keeping up the pace on such a great road

Main course

« For the little ones »

Serving of meat or fish, chips and vegetables

19 CHF

« Garden barrow »

Truffle Risotto

Parmesan Crisp
27 CHF

« The cowboy and the buffalo»

Buffalo burger with gruyère and bacon, Jack Daniels barbecue sauce, chips

Our bread is specially baked for us at Boulangerie Detrezin Nyon.
The bison meat is reared at Colley-Bossy.

25 CHF

« Where the river meets the sea »

Sole and salmon in puff pastry

Saffron rouille Beet mousseline

28 CHF

« Farmer's anthem » 

Butcher's choice, seasonal vegetables and chips
Our supplier, Miège butchers in Coppet, delivers us prime cuts of meat, matured on the bone for at least four weeks
37 to 42 CHF

« Carnivore's delight »

Beef tartare with the aroma of dried lemons from Neils Rodin and Smoked over apple tree bark

Chips and garlic bread (about 15 minutes' wait)

Our minute steak tartare is freshly cut by hand

30 CHF

« Marinaded farmyard monarch »

Coq au vin (the cook bird braised in red wine)

Seasonal vegetables Potato gratin 
28 CHF

Grandmother's Menu

Minimum 2 persons

There’s no fancy eating with
grandma ! It’s all about conviviality : dishes are placed in the middle of the table for informal sharing !
And yes … just like at home, you carve and you help yourselves, but rest assured,

it’s not you doing the cooking !

65 CHF per person


Olives marinated in orange

Foie grad macaron

Blinis with lumpfish caviar and passion fruit

« Beef Wellington »

Beef in pastry with foie gras and mushrooms, Potato Mousseline

with white truffle-flavoured oil, Seasonal vegetables

« Fruit tableau »

Assortment of fresh fruit infused with aromas of the maquis bush

All game dishes are served with the following garnishes :

Red cabbage and Brussels sprouts, chestnut purée and baby potatoes, cranberry sauce, spätzle and caramelised chestnuts

Provenance: Venison (roe deer) : Austria / Venison (red deer) : New Zealand / Pheasant : UK / Buffalo : Switzerland / Duckling : France /
Cod : Iceland, Norway / Beef : Switzerland / Snails : France

Taxes and service included

Finishing in style


« Gourmet coffee »

Assortment of three mini sweets

Coffe or tea of choice

12 CHF

« One more bite »

Mini macaron with double cream and chocolate covered raisins

Coffee or tea of choice


« The stronger the better» 

Assortment of cheeses
All our cheeses are supplied by Jacques Duttweiler, Vaud's celebrated Cheesemaker
(famous for his matured caramel gruyère - Swiss certified

14 CHF

« Italy meets Flanders »

Tiramisu with speculoos

(spiced biscuit paste)


« Fizzing with flavour »

Yuzu sorbet with Prosecco
Szechuan buttons

"It all starts with a light tingling on the tongue, then an electric sensation. Followed by an acidity2

11 CHF

« The runnier the better »

Moelleux aux chocolat
(chocolate lava cake)
Vanilla ice cream

15 CHF

« From Mont Blanc to la Dôle»

Meringue with chocolate foam and double cream
Citrus fruit confit

15 CHF

« The winemaker's lift»
Vanilla ice cream, pressed grapes from Gilles Pilloud in Crans
12 CHF


Our mystery menus

(only by reservation)

Throw yourself into a gastronomic adventure and dare to try one of our mystery menus ! 

Our chef will concoct for you a surprise taster menu, following the inspiration he feels at the time !

Let us know your preferences or potential allergies ... and off we go !

"Boeuf Rouge" menu

95 CHF

1st entrée


2nd entrée 


Main course


Cheese board



"Burnier" menu

140 CHF

1st entrée


2nd entrée 


3rd entrée


Fish course


Meat course


Cheese board




Chef's farewell

Sources of our meat and fish : Switzerland, France, England, Argentina, Australia, Scotland, Norway

Taxes and service included

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