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Our beef has been selected specially by a butcher. 

Before meats are delivered, they are aged for a around of 2-4 weeks. This is how we can have steaks that our very tender and flavourful. 


What is dry aging? 

To obtain the best quality of meat you must first start by having a good butcher. They will dry age your meat, which means they will let the meat age in their fridge at a temperature of 0.5°C to 2°C. 

This process allows the meat to tenderize as the fibers and connective tissues in the meat are able to breakdown. This also gives the beef a more concentrated flavour as moisture in the meat will evaporate as the meat dries.


In doing all of this the beef will shrink less as it is cooked and will allow the fats of the meat to melt into the meat.

This usually takes several weeks.