In December 2016, three partners, Gabriel Burnier, Rémy Cantale and Florian Tourbier, took over the Au Boeuf Rouge restaurant with the simple, honest aim of imprinting their own character on an establishment that belonged to them. They have been all the more free to share their common goal of offering a warm welcome and a cuisine that reflects their personalities, i.e. lavish, original and dazzling 

Having met at catering college, they first went their separate ways, which for head chef Gabriel Burnier meant to the four corners of the globe because he has already worked in the kitchens of Michelin-starred restaurants in France and been in charge of several restaurants in Switzerland and Burma. The influences of these different countries and fragrances that are often unknown to us stand out in his cooking, even if these days his first love is rediscovering traditional flavours.


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